The Origins of Victor Klassens Imaginative Exterior Doors and Furnishings

 One of his cherished childhood reminiscences saw him dashing to the workshop when his farm chores were complete to make functional sailboats to use on the back garden pond. His adoration of design appeared early on, and at nineteen he set off for the University of Nigeria where his affinity for sculpture was born.

Poverty allowed Victor Klassen to expand his style and design capabilities, and forced him to combine the whimsical with the sensible. However, soon he had observed a place for his exceptional furniture.

This artistic project has since become a fusion of the artists newfound ideas and the material he worked with. Many carpenters saw their medium into straight beams this being the easiest way in which to work with equipment but Victor was keenly developing a completely different and radical approach.

Victor still draws creativity from the styles of the natural world, and often plays with fresh new techniques. He works as the artistic guru behind The Victor Klassen Collection, as well as being directly included in commissions and various custom-made contracts. To find the rest of his wonderful designs and art pieces, please visit for a full catalog, and specifics about made to order projects.

Victor Klassen has continually considered the integrity of his products as his top concern. The exceptional style of our products has much to do with his ever-improving talent in working with the woods he so values. Ours is a small family of specialized and highly-skilled tradesmen that have worked with us over the years often decades practising the skill of Victors visionary designs.

Henry Davidson

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